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To do a great right, do a little wrong.

A honeymoon in Paris! Except…there’s more at stake in the City of Lights than romance.

Abigail’s specialty as an ancient maps librarian has brought her to a prestigious symposium at the Louvre, where she has one final chance to prove herself and save her job. Tony, a recently reformed cat burglar, is there to search for his family’s roots and learn more about his great-grandfather.

Then Abigail’s wedding ring is stolen, and she and Tony put sightseeing on hold to track down the thief. The emerald ring is highly desired by thieves and collectors for its connection to a famous Italian artist, but it’s worth more to Tony and Abigail as a family heirloom and symbol of their love. As the newlyweds seek answers, the line between right and wrong blurs. With Abigail’s future in jeopardy, and Tony’s reputation following him, how far will they go to find the truth?

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