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Have Pam Speak at Your Event!

If you would like Pam to speak at your event, contact her at:

Speaker topics include:

How To Stay Sweet When Life Turns Sour is a humorous and heartfelt talk about finding joy even when our circumstances aren't happy.  Pam shares trials from her own life about how God walked with her through difficult times - and still does.


Finding Peace in a Chaotic World  God offers the peace that passes all understanding. He wants us to sleep well at night, not be afraid, and trust in Him.  Pam shares from her heart how the daily battle of stressors can wear on us, especially during the busy holiday season, and how we can learn to rest, have peace and claim victory over anxiety.

Trusting God in a Hurting World  What do we do when it seems God has turned His back on us? Can we trust Him when we lose our job, are faced with a health crisis, or the loss of a loved one?  God is the ultimate parent, and He longs to comfort us when life hurts.  Pam share her own story of learning to trust God.

The Steps to Childlike Faith  God is our Ultimate Parent.  He wants to comfort us when we hurt, give us answers to our questions, and encourages us to trust Him in all situations.  Pam talks about her own steps to discovering how to live like a Kid at Heart.



The comical and entertaining manner in which Pamela Gossiaux opens her heart (as a speaker) keeps audiences captivated.  She possesses a humble, gentle spirit that makes every person in the room feel like they know her personally.  After sharing time with Pamela, one walks away feeling uplifted and refreshed.  She offers beautiful little nuggets of wisdom that every person can relate to in one way or another.  You can't help but wanting to hug her after you hear her speak!

                                                            Vicky Lovel,  Living Waters MOPS Steering Committee