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Abigail Chartwell, librarian of ancient maps, gave up on love six years ago when her husband died. But then sizzling hot Tony the Cat Burglar drops into her life on a rope when he comes to steal one of her maps—a map he claims leads to a famous lost painting. Intrigued, Abigail gets caught up in the hunt, not realizing that the thief’s real target may be her heart!


Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar - an inspirational Romantic Mystery

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Good Enough - a romantic comedy

  $14.95 paperback.

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Meet Amy Summers, a big-hearted heroine whose simple life gets turned upside down when she finds a winning lottery ticket worth millions…but should she cash it?

Amy Summers has it all: the world’s best job, an awesome boyfriend, and a happily-ever-after in sight. Then, in one very bad day that involves burnt toast and a police arrest, she loses everything – except for a winning lottery ticket her ex left behind.         

Afraid to cash it, she decides to give up men and become a Bohemian novelist. She takes her laptop to Starbucks and literally bumps into caffeine-free, easy-going Josh Gray, a life coach andvery handsome man. (Not that she’s noticing.) When he offers to help Amy get back on her feet, she decides to hire him.

Her heart is telling her that he’s the man for her, but Josh is big on honesty and Amy has a huge secret that could push him away if he ever finds out.



Get published this year!

Are you an aspiring writer? Here is a blueprint to get you on the road to becoming published, written by an author and award-winning journalist of over 20 years.  Chapter topics include: Treat Writing Like a Business, Create a Platform and Market Your Book, Know Your Material, Know Your Audience, and Your Publishing Options.  

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  A Kid at Heart: Becoming A Child of Our Heavenly Father for Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook