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About the A Kid at Heart!

A Kid At Heart: Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father  

            Are there days when you want to throw down your adult duties, say "ta-ta" to your to-do list, and be a kid?

            What if  you could live "the perfect childhood", where you feel safe, trusting and secure; where someone bigger has all the right answers, where you can sleep peacefully and safely in your soft comfy bed at night?

            Is it possible to abondon the anxiety and pressure of your adult life and live like a care-free kid again?

            It is. That is God's perfect plan for your life.
            Read this book and learn how to hope in the Lord when all hope seems lost. Learn to trust God - your Heavenly father - for all the right answers, and learn how to rely on Him for all your physical needs.

            Whether you had an idyllic childhood with a father who set a godly example, or a childhood with a frightening or abandoning father, now is the time to let God love you as only a Heavenly father can.


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