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Praise for Good Enough:

“Richly meaningful while wildly entertaining, GOOD ENOUGH is a major new book by an exceptionally talented author”.

                                      – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer


"Good Enough touches a nerve every woman faces. Are we ever going to be good enough? Gossiaux has written a funny, revenge romance that will have you cheering on the heroine, Amy until the very end."

                                        - Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, author of CBA Best-seller Mind of Her Own


"Ms. Gossiaux has done it again; another colorful and creative story! This is a wonderful book!"

                                        - Greg Jolley, author of Dot to Dot and the Danser novels


Praise for A Kid at Heart:  Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father:


Through entertaining stories and inspirational text, Pamela reminds us that the ultimate father is waiting with outstretched arms for us to jump into and climb upon his lap. If we have faith like a child, our heavenly Daddy will bless us greatly.  He wants a relationship with each of us...we just have to call his name!

                                    - Victoria Lovell, award-winning author of My Guy in the Sky


Kid At Heart is a refreshing read. Pamela Gossiaux entertains her readers with humorous anecdotes of parenting her two boys. Then, suddenly, she turns the tables with a spiritual parallel, demonstrating just how much we're missing unless we see God as our parent. My heart was softened and warmed as she drew me nearer to God and a childlike, trusting faith.   
                                    -  Roxanne M. Smith, author of Struck Down, but Not Destroyed

In Kid at Heart: Becoming a Child of our Heavenly Father,  Pam Gossiaux uses humor and a down to Earth manner to echo an irresistible invitation from the throne of God: Come!  Be parented, tended to, nurtured, protected and wildly loved by the One who spoke worlds into existence. You'll enjoy the journey she has mapped on the path to becoming the greatest in the Kingdom ... humble yourself like a child (Matthew 18:4).

                                    - CC Shumake, author of No Matter What: Radical Trust in an Unfailing God


Pam's book reminds even the most devoted and time-tested believer of the simple truths of faith ~ truths which are too easily forgotten for being smothered by the flurry of the day.  Pam brings them back to the forefront of our thought with her passion for writing and story-telling.  The result: a dose of joy and peace (and laughter). We all can use this every day.

                                                -Sheila Taormina, Author and Motivational Speaker



Praise for Why is There a Lemon in My Fruit Salad?  How to Stay Sweet When Life Turns Sour:

Pam's book has touched me deeply as it will any reader. The author has a way of getting out her story by reaching the reader right where it counts. We relate because we find bits of ourselves in all of her trials and tribulations. I found myself at once laughing right out loud only to be on the verge of tears a page later. It is written in a very poignant style, with quick wit, humor and at the same time stirs feelings we can all empathize with. Highly recommended as a great read and better yet a great gift.
                    Debra Mozurkewich

Pam's book, Why is There a Lemon in my Fruit Salad, demonstrates that she is a kind and gentle person who has a close relationship with God. Pam's book inspired me and helped me to tackle the difficult problems in my life.

Throughout the book, quotes and Bible verses are eloquently placed. Pam uses real life examples that everyone will be able to identify with.
Pam's book, is one of the best books I have ever read. I have read the book twice and will probably read it again. Why is There a Lemon in my Fruit Salad will make an excellent gift. I highly recommend you buy a copy of the book and get your dose of "spiritual fruit salad."
                    R.L. Hotz

This book is for anyone who has ever gone through something and for all of us who will one day face our bitter moments and want to remain sweet when we find lemons in our fruit salad.
                    STL winter catalog review

The comical and entertaining manner in which Pamela Gossiaux opens her heart (as a speaker) keeps audiences captivated.  She possesses a humble, gentle spirit that makes every person in the room feel like they know her personally.  After sharing time with Pamela, one walks away feeling uplifted and refreshed.  She offers beautiful little nuggets of wisdom that every person can relate to in one way or another.  You can't help but wanting to hug her after you hear her speak!

                    Vicky Lovell
                    Living Waters MOPS Steering Committee