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My new book is out!  A Kid at Heart: Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father took four years to write due to life circumstances (don’t we all have those??), but it’s finally out!  It's in bookstores and I hope I can meet you at one of my book signings, or you can order it online and also through this website.   For those of you who prefer the techno-world, it's available electronically for Kindle, Nook, iPad and others.

            My publisher refers to the theme of this book as "The Steps to Building Childlike Faith." It's about God as our Heavenly Father, and how He's a parent who has all the answers, who comforts us when we need it, and who loves to spend time with us.  I’ll be out there signing copies and would love to meet you at one of my events.  In between author appearances, I am working on my next book. The Princess Project which should be in print this fall (Nov. 2016).  I also have a fun chick-lit book coming out in August. I'll be posting sneak peeks on that one soon! Check back in for updates!

            To God be the glory!  - Pam


About the New Book!

A Kid At Heart: Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father  

            Are there days when you want to throw down your adult duties, say "ta-ta" to your to-do list, and be a kid?

            What if  you could live "the perfect childhood", where you feel safe, trusting and secure; where someone bigger has all the right answers, where you can sleep peacefully and safely in your soft comfy bed at night?

Excerpt from "Why Is There A Lemon In My Fruit Salad"

Peace: Or Learning to Cat Nap

For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear. --Romans 8:15a

    I own a cat with a severe anxiety problem. It got so bad once, that she even had to go on kitty-Prozac.

    Duane and I should stop getting pets. First we got a rabbit that goes for your jugular…now a cat with anxiety problems.

    It all started out so innocently, really.

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